Sweet as Summer Bundle

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It doesn't get much sweeter than this! 
Our sweet as summer collection - each vibrant shade perfectly curated and picked at just the “Ripe” time. Enjoy the juiciest colors that will transport you to paradise every time you wear them. 

  1. Cherry Jelly- Cherry red with a translucent jelly like finish 
  2. Who loves orange soda?  - Electric orange with a tangy brightness; opaque base, dries matte 
  3. Slice of Life- Bright canary yellow with zesty Lemon Hues; in a cream opaque base
  4. Now & Later - Sour apple green with sweet kiwi hues; translucent jelly like finish  
  5. Barry- Vivid cobalt blue with blueberry undertones; in a cream opaque base 
  6. My Jam- Ultra violet purple with grape jam hues; translucent jelly like finish, dries matte