Dotting Tool Kit
Dotting Tool Kit

Dotting Tool Kit

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 Say hello to your go-to kit for the most intricate nail art with our Dotting Tool Kit.

    Our double-ended, Dotting Tool Kit is made of stainless-steel heads and effortlessly creates flowers, polka dots, and other spotted and speck-tacular designs.

    • Comfortable grip.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Easy to use.

    Featured sizes:

    L2/ 1.2MM, L1/ 0.5MM

    L4/ 2.0 MM, L3/ 0.9MM

    L8/ 3.3 MM, L7/ 2.6MM

    L6/ 2.2MM, L5/ 1.6MM

    1. Dip dotting tool into polish and make sure to apply to a dry nail.

    How to clean:

    1. Simply clean with polish remover. Shop our Polish Potion Nail Polish Remover

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    Customer Reviews

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    Doesn't work and I wasted $ 75 and says refundable and isnt

    Amy Duke
    Always excellent in every way!

    I've never had a bad experience with Lights Lacquer. Thank you.

    Dotting tools

    Love the set! So easy to use!

    Patricia Ball
    The packaging was great got my tools in record time it

    Everything I got throught this company I love ❤️ I will order again and again. Thank you Lights Lacquer

    Lorraine Keane

    Dotting Tool Kit